In the Kitchen

Recipes and techniques of some favourite preserves

There are different preserves to make at different times of the year, depending on what is in abundance. If the abundance comes from your own garden, all the better. As nice as it is to be able to give some of the excess away to friends and relatives, it is even nicer to be able to go to the pantry and take out some summer delights in the depths of winter when you preserve fruits, or to add a dollop of flavours long forgotten in pickles and relishes. Let's not overlook the humble fruit jams and marmalades, gracing breakfast tables all over the country, a cinch to make when you observe just a few preserving basics. It makes for a very busy life at certain times of the year when it is hard to keep up with the abundance, especially in late summer and early autumn, but there are worse things in life!!!


If you're a beginner and would like some great tips on sterilising jars and bottles, understanding why preserves work and tips and hints on chutneys, sauces, dehydrating, pickles and making jams, take the time to listen to this webinar, delivered for My Smart Garden, in July 2020.